Raw food diet

Healing by food in its nature and living form

 Today we live in an age of information. The internet itself has become a very powerful source of information on any subject. So let us share our experiences with you, instead of giving you more information. However it is not our intention to spread any form of idealism or thoughts like "this is the only way"

Why a ‘raw food’ diet? Raw food is food in its natural form, taking it the way nature created it.

There could be some small changes such as slow dehydrating; juicing, blending etc. without destroying any enzymes. Enzymes are the vital energy of food which is sensitive to temperature. The enzymes are destroyed when the temperature goes above 55 °C. When that happens food can be hard to digest, and use more enzymatic resources from the body itself. This process makes us more tired, ill and could even shorten lifespan.

It is not easy to achieve good health, vitality, and longevity when body is fed cooked food. However I cannot say that food is a major aspect in our lives since the mind plays a more important role in our health. Yet food has a huge effect on us and can make big changes, perhaps because it is easier for us to change food than our own way of thinking.

There could be a situation where we need help to cure an illness, feeling uneasy or tired. This is the point to start thinking about changing our way of eating. This is not easy and requires great motivation and effort. If we believe that eating raw food can help us feel better, then it is worth trying for a while and see what happens. It is not a diet for everybody, but maybe, you will find it really amazing.


Enzyme rich food gives us great energy, healing and is ideal for the process of detoxification, which is the golden key to the gate of health. The body needs a rest from all the "not so good stuff" we take in and the raw food diet lets the body have this kind of rest. It is a source of good amount of water which helps to clean the system. Since it is rich in enzymes it promotes healing and also gives us energy. So we feel good.

During the process of detoxification we may feel weak, tired or depressed.  Because detoxifying starts with opening our minds and the body can react to it in many different ways.
It is worth going through this process to a point where the body becomes more alkaline. This is the beginning of a new lifestyle.

My personal experience was an amazing change only after three days of a raw vegan diet. I was always tired and low in energy. It brought me to a status in which I was feeling really fresh with a lot of energy after waking up early in the morning.  After a few weeks I introduced some cooked food again, and felt as if I were kicked out of paradise. Raw food increased my energy, but eating cooked food was definitely decreasing it.

That became my main motivation in choosing to eat raw food. During the first weeks, I experienced a strong detox, which never happened when I was eating macrobiotic food. My skin used to have red marks but they were all gone after just two weeks and it became very smooth too. Raw food made me feel stronger, gave me much more vitality as well as freshness and joy. Since I am a chef, I have decided to stay in this field to share the power of raw food with others.


Raw gourmet

Raw gourmet is way of eating which is most simmilar to common way of eating.It is based on vegetable dish ussualy together with higer amount of fat in forms of different nut pates,creamy sauces,oil,olives,avocadoes,tec.

In raw gourmet is offten used hehydrating bread,lassagna,cookies,etc.

Large part of it is sweets,where you can make delicious cakes,smoothies,chocolate etc.

This is very creative way of eating,but i would recomend this only for begining,if you are comming from normal diet to raw food. I would not sugest to stay in raw gourmet diet and expect great health and vitality.It would be hard to achieve with large amount of fat and dehydrated stuff. It is still much healtier then cooked food,but not the healtiest.


Hippocrates diet

This diet is based on eating primaly vegetable.There is fruit avoided for belief that is makes hight blood sugar.

This diet include a lot of vegetable,fresh sprouts,wheatgrass juice,sauerkraut,dehydrated bread,sprouted buckwheat.It has less fat then raw gourmet,but still it makes about 5% diet.

This diet is used as therapeutic diet,for healing of different illnesses.

I would recomend this diet to someone who feels that vegetable is the most favorite part of raw food world.


Low fat, 80/10/10 diet

This is system of eating which I see as a most healthier,system based on 100% natural food,with no any proceeding at all.

It is low fat diet, 80 % of calories has to be from carbohydrates, 10% from protein and 10% from fat.

In this diet you eat most of day only fruit, and evening you make vegetable salat with green leafy vegetable and little amount of fat,to alcalise body and bring different minerals.

If you are eating just small amount of fat,the right amount that is needed,you can reach very fast the vibrant health.

It can be used also for therapeutic reasons,becouse this diet brings a lot of oxygen in body which can cure even cancer.

I see this diet as most natural choise with huge results in term sof health,vitality and well-being.


Gerson therapy

 This is another low fat diet.

This system is based on drinking fruit and vegetables juices, eating fruit and vegetable and also some cooked vegan low fat food.

Fat is alomost avoided apart of small amout of flax oil.

Big focus is on regular practise of coffee enema which is very powerful in cleaning of liver.

This diet is much easier then 80/10/10 and has also great results.


Personaly I think its good to take it easy.Unless you are really sick then enter   the world of fruit and vegetable step by step, Its a lot better to change fried eggs for breakfast for green smoothie and do it for rest of your life then to jump into 100% raw for while and then frustrated go back to fried eggs:)