Feedback from customers

After being treated for backpain now. I feel soft and nice in my back. It has been a difficult

 area for me during many  years because a lot of static work. I needed tree hours and now

 it never hurts anymoore.

Vojta healed me as well and i had some amazing experience with that treatment. He started

with energy drawing which seemed  to be to the pressing point. He opened my heart

and now i feel wonderful, loved and able to love again.

Now we are  working with my roots which seems to be moore difficult, but already I have

 a lot of energy and I feel shining and relaxed.

 I will recommend healing and massage at his studio. He is very proffesional and and caring:-)



Torf wrap and massage was very comfortable, the warmth made the whole body really

 relaxed.Becouse I have neck problem the hard massage felt very therapeutical and good.

Thank you for very goof experience. H.D.Oslo


I had chronical pain for many years and my mood was very bad, then I had only

 one treatment with Vojta and the painhas gone, even I have changed, I am more

 relaxed and calm. I.S. Czech republic


Integrity massage was definitely the best massage I have ever had and I have

tried everything. Highly recomended. M.O. Oslo