Thai Toksen therapy-no.1 pain killer.

Thai Toksen is very old,forgoten technique and we are very pleased to be able to offer you such a unique and effective treatment.

Have you got strong pain and very stiffed back?Then Toksen is great tool for you.

It will bring instant relief of pain with much longer results then normal massage.

Toksen is wooden hammer stick and with use of vibration, "hiting" the stick we are releasing the pain and stiffness.

We have not seen anything more effective then Toksen yet and in this moment this is treatment which is most recomended together with Torf wrap and warm bamboo.

It is of course possible without wrap and warm bamboo. 

The treatment is normaly focus on energetic roads called in Thai "sen". YOu can feel immidiately good changes in your energy, you body and mind will come down and many blockages will be relased.

We have learned this treatment in Thailand, it comes from North, Chiang mai and even there is not many people who can do this. You are most welcome to try this forgoten therapy.