Warm bamboo massage

It is said that bamboo massage was developed as a type of massage by a therapist who saw a couple of monkeys working on each other as if massaging them by a piece of bamboo.

It has become very popular for the past few years and has gained wider popularity even than hot stone massage.

The massage requires warm bamboo canes in different sizes - heated at pleasant temperatures.

Bamboo massage can be done in many different ways combined with uThai, Shiatsu,  Ayurvedic or Hot stone massage. These bamboo canes give a pleasant yet deep and firmer pressure melting away stiffness. Such firmer pressure is impossible to reach by hand yet bamboo succeeds.

This massage can be done in a very relaxing manner, and undoubtedly is the best massage for strong massage lovers as it allows the masseur to apply very deep pressure.

Thai bamboo massage in particular is more beneficial as it works with energy meridians and body stretching. Bamboo can easily remove most of the energy blockages. As a result you will be full of energy and feel deeply relaxed.

Our recommendation for you is “Receive bamboo massage after Torf wrap when body is warm and soft and ready for a deep massage”.