Live blood test in Dark field

Examination  of blood under miscroscope.

Live blood analysis is  very effective in helping us to see and understand the status of blood in the biological terrain.

 A few drops of blood is taken from your fingertip and placed under a high powered microscope, connected to a camera which allows you to see it on a PC screen there and then.

You can see how clean your blood is through this live analysis as you get to see your blood at a cellular level showing you how it behaves inside your body. In case you need any improvements, you will get to know how to purify your blood and increase your vital energy.

                                    Healthy blood                      Unhealthy blood

So what can we really see through this live analysis? 

·         Levels of vitality of blood

·         Shape of red and white cells and their damage

·         Levels of acidity of body tissue

·         Hydration and dehydration

·         Blood oxygen levels

·         Presence of fungus

·         Presence of bacteria and parasites

·         Function of liver and lymphatic system

·         Immune system activities

·         Mineral deficiencies

·         Presence of urine or cholesterol crystals

·         Sugar levels

·         Protein intolerance

·         Heavy metals and free radicals

·         Anemia

·         Blood clotting disorders

·         Osteoporosis

·         Early prevention of diabetes or cancer

·         Early detection of heart attacks

Improving your blood is definitely easy if you are willing to provide room for it.

It is not only about food we eat, but also about drinking enough water, being engaged in physical activities such as sports and exercises and getting good rest.  If we are willing to adopt a health friendly lifestyle we can see results faster even within a week and dramatic changes within three months as it is the amount of time taken by our blood to recover.

As a part of the blood test an interview is taken place about the changes you would like to make in your life style.

We provide you attention individually and do not promote any type of diet.

We can also recommend you supplements if useful, to speed up the healing process, or to increase your performances e.g. sports or to lose weight..This is our main focus.

We hope that Our Live Blood Analysis can serve you as a great motivation on your way to vibrant health and vitality.

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         Blood results after 3 days vegetable juice fast                                               


Heavy metals comes mainly from amalgan fillings and cause many physical and mental problems.

Mainly if you are working on improving candida condition, untill you clear heavy metals from body you will hardly have success with it. 


Dehydrated body- drinking of pure watter is very important to mantain good health. We can eat very healthy food, but if we do not drink enought of watter, our blood will look like this..