Health workshop

Interesting workshops where you can learn about sprouting, raw food, body detox and much more.        

Norsk kommer snart...

Life force was first producer of wheatgrass and green sprouts in Norway and now we want to share with you all our experience.

What can you learn?

How to grow wheatgrass in soil and without soil-we will share with you all our experience with growing which will help you to avoid all mistakes and brings your growing to different level.

How to grow green baby spouts(sunflower, green pea,hemp,chia, chickpea, lentils,fenulgreek etc)

How to grow hydroponic sprouts in jar or sprouting bag.

How to store and preserve your harvest-we will teach you to make frozen juice from wheatgrass of sprouts, sprout powder which you can add daily in your smoothie or on salats, or even how to store fresh juice in fridge up to 14 days instead of 3 days.

How to sprouts grains and make fermented food: jogurts, rejuvelac, cheese etc

How to make sprout bread, and some tips on using sprouts in kitchen.

Good tips for juicers and juicing

Seeds for very good price, also trays etc.

You will receive list with benefits of sprouts.

As free bonus you will receive free probiotic culture which has over 30 cultures of good bacteria in value of 1500 nok

In case of interested apply by e-mail and when we get enought participants we will contact you.

Opening price 800 nok, deposit of 400 nok has to be paid in advance.

 Growing advance course in future

You can learn how to grow vegetables and green on the wall in your room in hydroponic solution in tube, almost with no work and with very low cost. Then you can enjoy ekologic vegetables and green all year long.

                             What alse can you learn?

Basics about raw food diets-we recomend low fat diet, which has the best benefits, you will get to know more about this way of eating and also why it is the best "anti-candida"diet"
Body detoxing- You will receive basic information how to clean the body, how to detox heavy metals, clean liver, kidneys ,parasites, fungus etc.
Benefits of liver detox-clean liver is core of good health and can prevent you from many illnesses.That is why we have special focus on this work
Secrets of healthy blood-about Live blood analysis- you will learn about healthy and unhealthy blood and receive simple sugestions on how to improve your blood and energy.
Tips for useful suplements- We recomend only sumplement that are proven with blood test and thous ewho really work. Then we would like to share this with you.pants we will contact you.