Body cleaning (detox)

Procedures for body cleaning, vitality and healing


If we want to achieve good health, or increase our performances in a field such as sports it is essential to provide our body with a good detox program.

Even if we focus on a well balanced diet the body still carries toxins, fungus, heavy metals or gall stones and we would have to wait a bit longer to see the results that we like to see.

If we follow a systematic body detox program the body would benefit a lot in the process of healing.

Life force is offering you now a complete detox program which includes:

·         Colon cleaning

·         Liver cleaning

·         Kidney cleaning

·         Heavy metals cleaning

·         Cleaning of crystals of salt (cracking of joint)

·         Cleaning of sugar crystals

·         Cleaning of lymphatic system

·         Cleaning of blood

·         Oxygen therapy

·         Diet advising


1.     Colon cleaning-This is not necessary, yet recommended which involves cleaning of colon by use of enema.

2.     Liver cleaning is very important and we recommend the use of coffee enema which is very effective in detoxifying liver to help it work better and reduce stress.

3.     Herbal cleaning of kidneys help improve their vital energy promoting good health.

4.     Heavy metals have adverse effects on us both mentally and physically.  We will assist you on a safe way to remove heavy metals from body using high quality supplements.

5.     Salt crystals often make a lot of pain in back or joints. We will provide you information on how you can easily get rid of these crystals. Same goes with sugar crystals.

6.     Lymphatic system is a very important natural tool which detoxifies the body and needs to be working well. We will provide you herbs and information on a diet to support the lymphatic system along with treatments which can speed up the healing process.

7.     Oxygen is one of the best cleansing solutions available to our body and you will learn how to use it in daily life which will again be beneficial.

8.     Last but not least the most important of all is the proper diet. You can choose the kind of diet you want to follow whilst you are detoxifying. Once it is completed what you would eat is important in sustaining your health.

All results will be monitored with Live blood analysis.