Biodanza Workshop

Dance which will change the way you see life and yourself.

Biodanza is taking your awarness into present moment and it is opening you to energies of love and joy which is shared with others.

It is very powerful way of "rewriting" your story and it will help you to improve your relationship to yourself and others.

Biodanza is therapy throught dance, where each dance in kind of exercise where we are learning how heal ourself, how to express all what was supressed or we did not have even change to learn.

Biodanza is space of love where you are eccepted as you are and you are learning to expess your love towards others and yourself.

Biodanza is return into state of inner freedom throught chalenging your bariers and breaking them down in fire of joy, passion and pleasure.

What are the benefits?

Positive energy:

-no matter how down you might feel, in first 10 min. your energy gets shifted into joyfull sharing your presence with others.

Stress managment:

-being part of Biodanza session will resease a large amounts of stress energy you might gathered during the weeks. Sudenly you are in space where you are treated with love, care and you will receive atention in the way that you will get deep healing.

Spiritual development:

In Biodanza we pay attention to many subjects of live and throught dancing it out you are learning how to apply it in your daily life. It will inspire you and it will lead into deeper self love and self confidence.


In Biodanza we work a lot with our subconcious mind and then it great tool to "reprogram" all negative paterns that we have. Of course, some of them is long term work, but even after short time you see changes of great value. 


Last but not least of main benefits of BIodanza is improvement  of your conections with others.

 YOu will learn to conect with others in the way that ussualy we were not brought up and we dont have much of such a deep experiences. By learning it here, you will be able to bring much more love and awarness into your relationships. And then even broken or empty relationshop can turn into garden of love full of nourishment.


HEAL YOUR INNER CHILD-5.6.2012  Kongens gt.3

Event on facebook-Biodanza heart in motion Oslo


MOTTO: Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Christ

After long gap I am starting again with sessions in Art of living. I think it is good to start really from begining and give space to our inner child for healing. Inner child is holding very strong energies in our body and this is great chance to "rewrite" our story and relase some old paterns.
Unless we connect with our Inner Child state in a safe setting, the Child within will remain isolated and alone.

Unless we reclaim our childlike feelings, sensitivity, wonderment and aliveness, our Inner Child will remain wounded.

Unless we do this now, we will find it so difficult to feel WHOLE.

What are we going to work with?
Dance, music and our colective energy has huge power to go deep inside and change us...change things like intention of conception, trauma from prenatal period or birth, wiew on parents, personal boundaries, pain of separation, creativity and joyfull playfullness,transformation of pain, letting go and more.
LEts remind us the child mind, able to create and destroy in same moment, no holding mind-ZEN mind..
I look forward to see you :) VOjtech
Space open from 7pm.
Price:150 nok
5x ticket:500nok