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 Vojta is a massage therapist,  and student of natural science medicine.He has 15 years of experience with natural ways of healing.


Life force

  Life force is combining western and eastern knowledge in order to achieve deep improvements in health and quality of life style. Being aware that what is matter most is the quality of life force energy he is inspiring people to achive changes in many areas of life style and he focuses on complex aproach.


He works with massages from all over the world, he is educated in Thailand, India, Nepal and Europe. He is choosing the best technics and tools in his work to achieve deep and permanent changes in peoples energy, he is doing a lot of intuitive energy healing and has good skills to transform the pain, stress and heavy energy into possitive energy.

He believes massage should be Sacret healing journey and then it can touch the deepest places in our soul.

Vojta is autor of Life force Signature "Integrity" massage which is essence of his bodywork 10 years experience based on combining technics from Japan, India, Hawai and Thailand. This treatment has helped 1000s people already and none of  our regular customers receiving Integrity massage has back pain or any body chalenges.Part of this treatment is also Thai Toksen tool able to release pain and tension in one session better then 5 hours of massage would do, and Life force is only place in Norway where you can experience this powerful tool able to bring any stiffness back into original shape. That makes Integrity massage very effective and unique treatment.


Health and Live blood test

Vojta is also live blood analysis microscopist, he has done several courses and his main aproach to this work is body detoxing.

He is doing private sessions or workshops where he teachs how to improve quality of our blood and increase our vital energy in easy way.

He has a lot of experience with healthy food, diets, raw food, body detoxing, he is also organising raw food courses or courses of growing wheatgrass where he shares his experience with production of fresh wheatgrass and sprouts from Norway, where Life force was the first pioneer of this type of work,.