Zdravá strava

Life force makes products from wheatgrass for your easy preparing of healthy juices.



We had to stop production untill we start again with frozen juice. In this moment we offer only barley juice powder from juice extract(not pulp inside like most of the powders on market)
Wheatgrass Tray

Fresh trays of wheatgrass. Up to 16 shots (à 30 ml).

Kr 170,- per tray



Wheatgrass Cut

Ready cut wheatgrass.Lasts up to one week in the fridge. Up to 12 shots ( à 30 ml )

Kr 150,- per bag 400g,  Kr.140,-per bag 350g.

Post delivery:
We can send you fresh wheatgrass anywhere in Norway and you will get it in maximum two days, one day near by Oslo.

Frozen Wheatgrass

If you don´t want to spend time juicing, you can use frozen wheatgrass. Frozen wheatgrass is closer to fresh than the powdered wheatgrass since freezing does not effect the quality of enzymes as much as drying and therfor give you much better health benefits.

From 450,- kr



In this moment we are preparing this new page, then you will find only very basic info, all comming soon.

Barley grass powder from juice:  Only powdered juice in Norway. Easy digestion and excelent results.

                                              220g- daily use 3g=2 shot of fresh juice.Country of origin USA.

                                             This product can not be shiped from USA. This is best wheatgrass powder we discovered. We recomend it togetger with Chlorella, from same brand.

PRICE: 600 nok               Ask for more details.

Chlorella tablets: 300g  High quality chlorella with broken cells provides high nutrition and very good digestion.  600 nok

Liquid oxygen: Very effective blood and colon cleaner, mainly with fungus issues.

                         11% oxygen SupremeII.    118.ml  300 nok

Aloe vera  juice from Forever living- Exelent product for cleaning of collon, stomach  and blood stream, very good suport with heavy metal detox . 1liter 260nok(3 months of possibility to get money back if not happy with results)

B12 plasters- probably best way to suplement B12, simply place plaster behing the ear for 24 hours for receive B12.   6 plasters- 300nok

NDF- one of the best suplements to clean your body from heavy metals.30ml -700nok

Liver life- exelent suplement to suport function of liver which is essential for good health.  350 nok

Olive leaf extract- Another great support to clean your blood.  60 tablets 200nok

Grapefruit seed extract-  Grapefruit seeds extract is one of the best nature antibiotics.  100tablets-         90nok

 Chaga- the best antioxidant in the world, able to clear free radicals from blood very fast, proven by Oxidative blood test.    month supply 250 nok  

ASEA-    Very new supplement , very special and unique, containing signalising REDOX molecules. Fast healing, removing of free radicals, recovery, amazing results.read more- http://asea.net/en/     

ph papers- for controling of your ph  100 nok